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AJ on Auburn: Consider the source but don't miss the message

Quick before Jake Coker's sources reveal to him the identity of the next Auburn football coach. Name the lowest point to date of the 2022 Auburn football season.

A.) Getting dragged by Penn State in your own sandbox and mocked afterward by "SEC Shorts" for your "poor man's white out."

B.) Coming within inches of losing to Missouri, not once but twice, in a battle to be the frontrunner for SEC bottom feeder.

C.) Hearing AJ McCarron on the aptly named "Slow News Day" podcast call you "a middle-to-lower-tier SEC school."

Judging by the rapid, rabid response of Auburn Twitter, nothing has left a mark on the Auburn family over the last month quite like getting tattooed by the former Alabama quarterback. And not just any former Alabama quarterback. Not one who starts in the NFL, like Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa or Mac Jones, or stars as an ESPN analyst, like Greg McElroy.

No, no, no. This dis came from McCarron, the last Alabama quarterback to play in two Iron Bowl defeats, whose storybook ending to an incredibly successful college career was erased by the Kick Six. As if the Auburn fan base weren't already united in its belief that Bryan Harsin has to go, McCarron provided the perfect outlet for their frustrations.

Many Tigers pounced on this oxymoronic mention from the former Alabama quarterback: He said he has Auburn sources who told him that Harsin's been informed he will be fired at season's end, if not sooner. It's no surprise that quickly refuted that "report," but what McCarron said about Harsin wasn't nearly as interesting as his assessment of the Auburn program.

He wasn't exactly right on that point, but he wasn't totally wrong. ...

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Auburn sacks Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron during the Tigers' 2013 Iron Bowl victory. (John David Mercer/USA Today)


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