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Don't be sad Bill Clark's leaving UAB. Be glad he came and stayed

As he walks away, necessarily for his own health, painfully in every conceivable way, always remember and never forget the essential truth at the heart of the Bill Clark era at UAB.

He wasn't hired in January of 2014 to coach UAB football. He was hired to save it. And damn if he didn't do it.

Not at first, of course, but at last, in a way built to last. He leaves behind shiny trophies, gleaming buildings and an ever-to-conquer, never-to-yield community of lifelong Blazers, true Birmingham believers and the vibrant, viral, vocal few. They all can take ownership in every good thing that's happened since June 1, 2015, and every good thing that takes place from here.

It was a team effort, but none of it happens without the coach. ...

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Everyone rallied around Bill Clark, including Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin. (UAB Football photo)



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