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The old Alabama isn't moving over for Georgia just yet

The college football season doesn't truly begin in Tuscaloosa until the end is near. Until cracks appear in the Great Wall of Saban. Until an inferior opponent - which is to say, any opponent - has the audacity to make the Crimson Tide bleed its own blood.

Armageddon came early this year as Texas put the heat on Alabama two weeks ago. That meant it was only a matter of time until some pundit in search of a prediction that will come true one day declared the dynasty dead, dying or, at the very least, not feeling very well.

The SEC Network's Paul Finebaum delivered with this gem: "Georgia is the new Alabama."

Have to give Paul credit for that new twist on a tired take. Instead of suggesting the Tide is receding, he observed that Georgia is setting a new high-water mark as the elite of the elite.

Not so fast, my friend. ...

Read the rest of Kevin's case that the old Alabama is still alive and kicking. Only in The Lede.

Alabama's Nick Saban and Georgia's Kirby Smart share a laugh before the National Championship Game. (AP photo)



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