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Who I am

I know a thing or two about the games people play because I've seen a thing or two. From Bo Jackson to Nick Saban, from the Kick to the Kick 6, from UAB football's birth to death to The Return, I've been there doing what writers do: putting iconic moments into words, complex issues into perspective and powerful people in their place - when I wasn't just having fun and trying to take you with me.

Admit it. At least once, you've called me a Bammer, Barner, Blazer, damn Yankee or other pet name unfit to print. How do you describe a writing career that's witnessed Alabama and Auburn winning national titles, the Braves winning a World Series, Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic torch and 16 Final Fours? No one man deserves that much awesome. But wait. There's more. The United States Basketball Writers Association is inducting me into its Hall of Fame. If this is a dream, don't wake me up.

Oh, and though I retired from daily journalism in 2018, I've still got things to say and places to say them. I'm writing sports columns twice a week for The Lede, a new online publication from the Alabama Media Group, and when the mood strikes, right here as well. Check out my blog on this website one page to the right and my Lede columns here. If you want to talk back or share a news tip, write me at Let's keep a good thing going. I'm game. Are you?

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