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Andy Burcham as new Voice of the Tigers = Touchdown, Auburn

There are times when Auburn does vexing things that make you scratch your head. Witness the recent news that the university is changing its iconic AU logo. Excuse me. Not changing its logo. Updating its visual identity system. Let's get that straight. Because tiny branding details matter.

Motivational hashtag update: #RidefortheVisualIdentitySystem.

As amusing as that story has been, it shouldn't distract us from those times when Auburn does insightful things that make you nod your head. That happened again Monday when the school announced that Andy Burcham will replace the late, great Rod Bramblett as the Voice of the Tigers.

Quick, gut reaction: "Touchdown, Auburn!"

Sometimes the obvious choice is the perfect choice. It would be impossible to find a more deserving member of the Auburn Family to fill Bramblett's memorable shoes than Burcham. They were more than colleagues who spent 25 years together on Auburn baseball broadcasts. They were best friends.

If you know anything about Burcham, you know he'll do everything possible to carry on his friend's incredible, indelible legacy.

There's no question that, despite being an Illinois native and Indiana State grad, Burcham is an Auburn man. He's been a part of Auburn radio broadcasts for three decades and change in different ways in different sports, a part of Auburn Football broadcasts for almost as long. If you've spent any amount of time around Auburn Athletics since the late 1980s, you know his face and you recognize his voice.

He certainly recognizes the gravity of the role he's been chosen to fill.

"With this job, you’re not just the voice of Auburn football, men’s basketball and baseball," Burcham said. "You’re also the voice of Auburn. You represent Auburn every day, and I will never forget that."

After the tragic loss of Bramblett and his wife, Paula, in that May car accident, it was important for Auburn to find someone with credibility inside and outside the athletics department to carry the torch. The school found exactly the right man at the right time. Witness the universal acclaim that's greeted Burcham's introduction as Bramblett's successor

Few people connect a program to a fan base quite like a team's radio voice, and few programs have as long a list of legends who've done the job so memorably. Auburn Football has been blessed with iconic voices who've raised those voices to meet the moment time and time again.

Expect Andy Burcham to do the same while honoring his friend on fall Saturdays and beyond.

Andy Burcham is the new Voice of the Tigers for football, men's basketball and baseball. (Todd Van Emst photo)



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