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Auburn has unfinished business in the SEC West with Ole Miss and State

You know you're a long-time student of Auburn and SEC football if you watched the 2024 conference schedule reveal and noticed something beyond Oklahoma's inaugural visit to the Plains and brutal road trips to Athens and Tuscaloosa per usual in an even-numbered year.

Something was missing beyond a date with LSU, one of the more electric, dramatic and psychotic annual series gifted to us by the league's expansion to 12 teams and two divisions in 1992.

It was the entire state of Mississippi. No Ole Miss for the first time since 1989. No Mississippi State for the first time since 1954.

Given that the Rebels and Bulldogs have a chance to do something this year that they've never done - sweep the Tigers for a second straight season - that may not be a bad thing.

Auburn hired Hugh Freeze, in part, to compete with Alabama and Georgia. A more immediate goal is to stop competing with Ole Miss and Mississippi State and start dominating them again. You can't run with Big Al and Uga if you can't run away from Juice and Bully. ...

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Both Mississippi State and Ole Miss ran away from Auburn in 2023.

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