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Can Bryan Harsin pull a Tuberville and thrive after AU's attempted coup?

There is only one case in modern Auburn history where key decision-makers and plenty of rank-and-file fans lost faith in the head football coach and he didn't lose his job, where he survived a coup to put together his two finest seasons. But even Tommy Tuberville's great escape from Jetgate comes with an asterisk.

Auburn kinda sorta did fire him late in the 2003 season but forgot to tell him since it was otherwise occupied lining up his successor. And then Cadillac went crazy in the Iron Bowl and news of the Bobby Petrino gambit broke and the fan base rallied around a head coach who had suddenly become a sympathetic figure.

The difference between Tuberville's ability to receive and enjoy a second act at Auburn and Harsin's attempt to rebound in similarly spectacular fashion, though, is big enough for Tank Bigsby to drive through and stay inbounds. ...

Read more from Kevin about Bryan Harsin's tall task on the eve of the 2022 SEC Football Media Days in Atlanta. Only in The Lede.

Auburn coach Bryan Harsin met the press at his first SEC Football Media Days in 2021 in Birmingham.



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