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College football is here and, as always, this state is here for it

Go ahead. Admit it. Your heart's beating a little faster this week, isn't it? It's not the heat or the humidity. It's the energy of possibility. College football is here in the state that loves it most and does it best. For the next four months and change, we're going to see something no one saw coming and feel some kind of way nothing else makes us feel.

It's the most wonderful time of the year around here because, until time and talent prove otherwise, anything is possible, everything is on the table and this could be our year.

Read the rest of Kevin's love song to an entire state's favorite sport and his crazy or not-so-crazy dreams of what could be for Alabama, Auburn and UAB this season. Only in The Lede.

It's the most electrifying time of year around here. (The Lede photo graphic)



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