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Dear SEC: Expand all you like but consolidate and we riot

And then the Big Ten said to the SEC, I'll see your Oklahoma and Texas and raise you USC and UCLA, and Boom! The Power Five became the Power Two. A frightening hypothesis emerged from this nuclear development, and it goes something like this.

More than ever in an intercollegiate athletics industrial complex fueled by television dollars, success is measured by the size of your brand and your market or marketability. What if you don't measure up? Could conference expansion eventually lead to consolidation? And if it does, should the likes of Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt be concerned about their standing in the SEC?

Perish the thought.

Read more from Kevin about the Big Ten's power move and the value of the Rebels, Bulldogs and Commodores to the SEC no matter which brands it adds. Only in The Lede.

Best speaking engagement gift EVER! Thank you to the Starkville QB Club. (KS photo illustration)



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