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Jello shots all around: The SEC owns (almost) all the major sports

This is how the academic year ended Monday night for the only collection of institutions of higher learning worthy to be called a superconference, even in its current 14-member iteration. John Cohen picked up a familiar trophy, said a few kind words and handed the hardware to Jay Johnson while LSU fans partied like their school had just won a national championship in its signature sport for the first time in 14 years.

Which it had by capturing the College World Series for the seventh time overall, but check that. Tiger fans don't need a reason to party and consume mass quantities of jello shots. They just need a place. Omaha - better known as Geauxmaha during the purple-and-gold takeover - was the place where it all went down.

In his role as chairman of the Division I Baseball Committee, Cohen, the former Kentucky and Mississippi State baseball coach and current Auburn athletics director, whose State team finished runner-up a decade ago in the College World Series, got to congratulate Johnson, the LSU coach. His Tigers earned the trophy by raking conference rival Florida in the decisive third game of the finals.

It doesn't get any more SEC than that. Or this: For the fourth straight year in which each sport crowned a national champion, the baseball and football champions reside in the Southeastern Conference.

That is so Bo Jackson.

Perhaps it's time to cut out the middlemen and move the College World Series to Hoover and the College Football National Championship Game to Atlanta on a permanent basis. Omaha's great, especially if you love tradition and steak, but it's a long way from Baton Rouge and Gainesville, as well as Oxford, Starkville and Nashville.

At least the good people of Nebraska embraced college baseball before it was cool. Playing college football's title game in an NFL stadium in southern California, where Georgia did unspeakable things to TCU in January, makes as much sense as USC and UCLA moving to the Big Ten. Do you really want to give anyone connected to Georgia football a reason to get in a car and drive across town, let alone across the country? ...

Read the rest of Kevin's column on the SEC's championship dominance of every major sport but men's basketball. Only in the Lede.

LSU beats SEC rival Florida in the third and deciding game to win the league's fourth straight College World Series.



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