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Scarbo Knows: Hooking Alabama alone doesn't mean Texas is back

There are a lot of reasons why Texas wants to beat Alabama on Saturday in the marquee game of the weekend. Yes, I said marquee. Get out of here with your Nebraska vs. the University of Deion nonsense. Coach Prime may be legit, and time will tell whether his first Colorado team is the real deal, but after selling out its football stadium for a different sport, Nebraska is now a volleyball school.

So the eyes of Texas and the other 49 states will be on Tuscaloosa for what appears to be a marvelous opportunity for Steve Sarkisian and company to put another dent in Nick Saban's dynasty.

The Longhorns want to announce their presence on an SEC campus with authority. They want to be able to say they're back and mean it this time. Sarkisian wants to join Jimbo Fisher and Kirby Smart on the short list of former Saban assistants who slayed their mentor.

But if anyone in the Texas fan base is looking at this game as anything more than one big game, they need a quick history lesson, and we're here to provide it.

Since 2008, Alabama has lost 14 regular-season games. Pause for applause for the ultimate example of consistency in performance. Six different schools - Auburn (4), LSU (4), Ole Miss (2), Texas A&M (2), South Carolina (1) and Tennessee (1) - administered those defeats. And then what happened? ...

This cautionary tale for UT first appeared in Scarbo Knows, Kevin's newsletter, on Thursday Sept. 7, 2023, two days before the Longhorns did indeed ride herd over the Crimson Tide. Read the rest of the story by subscribing to the newsletter right here. A subscription also gives you access to Kevin's columns in the Lede. Sign up and join the fun.

The "T" in T-town now stands for Texas after the Longhorns take down Alabama in convincing fashion.


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