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Scarbo Knows: Party on, Auburn family, party on

Have you ordered your playoff tickets yet? Put down a deposit on one of those DIY-looking field-level, barstool, big-screen patios in the four corners of Pat Dye Field? Better get 'em while they're hot - and they will be hot - because it's just a hop, skip and a jump through the hedges from a Freeze warning to a field storming.

Give 'em hell, give 'em hell, stand up and yell, hey, and OK, the hay may not be in the barn, or the signature on the letter of intent, but the Power of Dixieland is back in business after a Big Cat Weekend that would make Trooper and Luper proud. I mean, not taking a back seat to Georgia or Alabama for a five-star 'backer? Flipping a five-star receiver committed to the Capstone from the home of Julio Jones?

If this keeps up, the new prayer in Jordan-Hare - to stop serving as the Deep South's oldest fire hydrant - will be answered when those barking Dogs come calling in September. Jordan-Hare will resume its rightful place as Nick Saban's personal Waterloo two days after Thanksgiving. Hugh Freeze will even the score with Gus Malzahn as a GOAT slayer and outdo Terry Bowden with a perfect first impression.

Too much? Too soon? Who cares? Everybody in the pool! ...

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Aubie and the Auburn Family have been celebrating like it's 2013 after a series of recruiting victories. (AU photo)



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