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SEC Baseball Tournament staying right where it belongs

This column first appeared May 29 in The Lede.

The sun hugs your neck while the breeze blows you a kiss. The popcorn's popping and so is the best college baseball in the country, more than 90 mph out of the pitcher's hand, 100 mph-plus off the bat. It's the last Saturday in May, the kind of day that might inspire one movie character to wonder, "Is this heaven?" and another to respond, without a shred of sarcasm or an ounce of irony, "No, it's Hoover."

Yeah, sure, it's corny and it's cheesy. It also happens to be true.

It's so easy to come to this place at this time every year and get lost in the moment and your memories, but let's lock in for a moment and not bury the lede. There's news to share, and the news is good if you care about things like family and community.

The contract between the Southeastern Conference and the city of Hoover to play the SEC Baseball Tournament at the Hoover Met actually ended a year ago, but the tournament hasn't moved a muscle and it's going to stay right where it belongs for two more years - at least.

Fist bumps all around. ...

Read the rest of the story in The Lede.

The National Anthem. The 2022 SEC Baseball Tournament final. Hoover. Perfect. (KS photo)



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