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Tommy's from the government, and he's here to help college sports. Yikes

This may be hard to believe, but Tommy Tuberville found time this week to offer some alarming comments on subjects other than white nationalists in the military. One of those subjects, not nearly as serious in the real world but kind of important around here, was the state of college athletics, past, present and future.

What the former Auburn football coach said on that subject has not been dissected and denounced from sea to shining sea, nor is it likely to require a clarification from his office, but it deserves a spotlight of its own. Tuberville's deep thoughts on sports reinforced a long-held belief that the last place college presidents and commissioners should turn for answers to the chaos they've set loose is Congress.

Before teeing off Wednesday at the Regions Tradition pro-am, Tuberville sat down with his old Auburn center Cole Cubelic for a radio interview on the WJOX morning show Cubelic co-hosts with former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy.

Here are a few slices from Alabama's senior U.S. Senator ...

Read the rest of Kevin's column on Tuberville's college sports comments, including his impending proposed NIL legislation. Only in the Lede.

Tommy Tuberville and Nick Saban before Tuberville became a U.S. Senator and Saban became the GOAT.



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