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Tonight's a UAB/Birmingham party, and you're invited

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Before the UAB football players report Tuesday, before the ongoing work of preparing for another special season shifts to another gear, it's time for one more celebration. It's time to commemorate the 2018 season in a special way unique to this state.

It's time to unveil "The Return."

And you're invited.

Tonight at 6 at the Birmingham Museum of Art, renowned local artist Steve Skipper will reveal to the world his special, commemorative, limited-edition painting that celebrates the spirit of UAB's 2018 championship season. It was the culmination of an unprecedented four-year rise from Shutdown to Standing Tall, and Skipper was the perfect choice to capture it on canvas.

If you care about UAB, the football program and the university, you should be there. The accomplishments of Head Coach Bill Clark, his staff and their players have done nothing but shine a positive light on a world-class medical school and a distinguished institution of higher learning honored for a second straight year as the No. 1 young university in the country.

Not a bad way to celebrate the university's 50th anniversary.

If you care about Birmingham, you should attend, too, because no institution in the city's proud history has provided a bridge to a better future quite like UAB. As City Councilor William Parker said at the May press conference to announce Skipper's tribute, "UAB is Birmingham."

And Birmingham is UAB.

Tonight's the night to raise a glass to the inspiring work they did together to recognize the value of UAB Football, revive it and revitalize it by providing the necessary resources to compete. Clark and company took it from there to record heights. Skipper turned that arduous, worthwhile journey into art.

This reception, open to the public, will be another in a continuing series of moments to remember. If you haven't purchased a ticket, walk-ups are welcome. Hope to see you there.



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