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Top to bottom, SEC football can't compete with SEC baseball

Listen up, people. College football kicks off in full in 104 days, and I have some bad news for you. Your team is not going to win the SEC Championship Game. Or reach the last four-team College Football Playoff. Or win the national title in the sport you care about the most.

You know it. I know it. Everyone from the Auburn fam to the Aggie fan knows it, too. The entirely predictable conclusion to an otherwise entertaining script will not change. It doesn't matter what Jarquez Hunter allegedly did in private that supposedly went public - decorum precludes further explanation - or how soon Jimbo Fisher blows up at Bobby Petrino the way he did Nick Saban.

Not to go all Crash Davis here handing out life wisdom to Nuke LaLoosh, but relax, all right? Stop trying to compete in football with Alabama and Alabama 2.0, a k a Georgia. Southeastern Conference football is boring. Besides that, it's fascist. Go to the SEC Baseball Tournament starting Tuesday at the Hoover Met. It's more democratic.

SEC baseball is what SEC football used to be before Saban seized control. Both have earned their reputations as the best conference in the country in their sports. Only hardball can back up that boast with the phrase "top to bottom." ...

Read the rest of Kevin's hardball vs. pigskin comparison. Only in the Lede.

You want competitive balance? Seven different schools won the seven SEC Baseball Tournaments from 2015-2022.



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