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What now for the Saban dynasty at Alabama?

Bryce Young deserves better. Even after playing one of the lesser overall games of his splendiferous Alabama career, he went to the sideline for the final time with his team in the lead, but he is now destined to be the best quarterback of the Nick Saban era to not win a national championship as a starter.

Brian Kelly knew better. Especially after watching Young pull multiple rabbits out of his magician's hat, he was not going to put the ball back in Mr. Heisman's hands for even one more snap. At the end of the first overtime on another epic Saturday night in Death Valley, the new LSU coach went for the win and the throat of the GOAT and got both.

There was so much riding on Kelly's bold decision to ride or die with his own talented quarterback. When Jayden Daniels delivered the pinpoint two-point conversion pass to give LSU the 32-31 victory, it unleashed the latest in a troubling weather pattern of field storms for the visitors in the red hats to escape. It also signaled a cloudy futurecast for a dynasty that has to be described at the moment as wobbly.

Read the rest of Kevin's breakdown of the potential end of the Saban dynasty at Alabama. Only in The Lede.

Alabama coach Nick Saban leaves Tiger Stadium as LSU fans celebrate a 32-31 overtime win over Alabama.



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