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When losing's an option, Alabama finds more ways to win

There will come a day when Nick Saban doesn't bite the heads off sideline reporters, when a Heisman contender doesn't step up when a Heisman winner goes down, when Alabama football doesn't let you get your hopes up, only to snatch your soul as routinely as other programs grab lunch.

Logic says it has to happen because Saban can't live or coach forever. For the 16th straight year, Arkansas can't be so sure. Especially after the afternoon of the absurd that was Alabama 49, Arkansas 26.

If the Hogs couldn't win the day in their pigpen, with Bryce Young sidelined since the second quarter with a sprained shoulder, after scoring 23 straight points in the midst of a rare, extended Alabama meltdown, will this ridiculous streak ever end?

If Arkansas could hoodwink Alabama on an onside kick and accept the gift of a punt snap that caromed off an upback but still couldn't beat Alabama for the first time since the last season of Mike Shula, if the Razorbacks couldn't even finish within three touchdowns, is there any hope for the rest of the SEC West? The SEC? The country?

Read more of Kevin's analysis of Alabama distancing itself from Arkansas, Auburn, Texas A&M, Georgia and all the rest. Only in The Lede.

Alabama backup quarterback Jalen Milroe breaks free to set up the separation touchdown in the Tide's big win at Arkansas.



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