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Cam Newton and Bryce Young would make a great team in Carolina

The Carolina Panthers made the smartest decision of the NFL Draft when they traded up to get the first overall pick and used it to select Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. As a playmaker, decision-maker and difference-maker, no one in college football made more good things happen the last two years.

The Crimson Tide may have failed to win a national championship during his tenure as a starter, but the blame lies elsewhere. If not for Young, they wouldn't have reached the title game two years ago or a New Year's Six bowl last season.

Which makes everyone wonder how the 2023 team will contend without him, Will Anderson, Jahmyr Gibbs and seven other Tide players chosen in this week's draft, but that's a potentially sore subject for another day.

Today's all sweetness and light about Young and the Panthers and the opportunity they have to double their IQ and make the smartest post-draft decision in the NFL as well. All they have to do is sign the best player in franchise history to be ready if necessary while helping their new franchise quarterback make a smooth transition to the pro game.

Cam Newton is ready when they are. ...

Read the rest of Kevin's column on what could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two special quarterbacks from Auburn and Alabama. Only in The Lede.

The Carolina Panthers chose Auburn's Cam Newton and Alabama's Bryce Young with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.



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