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New UAB coach Trent Dilfer can work a room; can he do the job?

So you're telling me that UAB hired Trent Dilfer to be its head football coach, introduced him at a press conference and Dilfer, who was once compensated by ESPN to - checks notes - talk on camera, won the press conference.

Knock me over with a dragon's feather.

Having just returned from an enriching experience as the host of the AHSAA Super 7 on Alabama Public Television, where I spied Hugh Freeze on Friday along with coaches from Alabama and South Carolina but did not encounter Dilfer, I had to see this phenomenon for myself. Thanks to Google and YouTube, I came to the same "shocked to learn that gambling is going on in here" conclusion.

Trent Dilfer did indeed win the press conference. Not in the way that he won a Super Bowl as the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. On this day, Dilfer was the star of the show.

All kidding aside, the new full-time occupant of the corner office with the cool balcony in the house that Bill Clark built spent the better part of an hour dropping dimes. He was confident without sounding cocky, humble without coming across as contrived and disarmingly down to earth for someone who had life by the short grass four years ago, so much so that he mentioned playing golf 218 times in 2018.

Then he decided to get a real job. ...

Read more of Kevin's first impression of Dilfer to UAB. Only in The Lede.

Trent Dilfer is introduced as the new head football coach at UAB. (UAB Athletics photo)



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